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hgermisaraGERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA****

provides you the utilities and facilities that anyone would expect from a 4**** hotel: a small bar, direct international phone-calls, cable TV, internet access, safety boxes, laundry room, information bureau, exchange house, a bar, summer terraces, room-service, rent-a-car services, a parking place, conference and ball rooms.
Traditionally the luxury concept is associated with opulence. Our guests will none of the less have the possibility to "make" their luxury according to their needs and desires. In this way, luxury gets a new meaning, that of comfort.
The Hotel welcomes you with the kindness of the employees, the carefully studied elegance of the interiors, the comfortable furniture, coming in warm colors.
GERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA**** places at your disposal 144 rooms and apartments:

  • six apartments
  • one apartment for persons with physical disabilities
  • 44 rooms with queen size bed: with air conditioning
  • 93 rooms with double bed

Elegant and refined, with a capacity of 200 places, established as a place of distinction and good taste, our restaurant offers you in an elegant environment, a varied menu from the traditional Romanian and international cuisine, prepared for you by the experts in the culinary art.
We are permanently looking for new combinations and ideas of serving in order to make your "moment" the most original possible.
Only with us the events turn into real successes and our guests live unique experiences.
No matter if it is about a cocktail or a ball, the people working with the manager of events are there in order for you to be able to benefit from all the attention
Whether it is about small meetings or large scale meetings, at GERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA**** each event is treated with dedication and enthusiasm.
The restaurant is placed at your disposal for catering services (weddings, parties, cocktails and other events).

We are waiting for you to convince yourself of the professionalism with which GERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA treats every detail.

GERMISARA Hotel Resort &SPA**** represents a source of vitality and defines a new style of life through the wellness facilities offered here. Relaxation, filling your body with full energy and caressing/spoiling both your body and soul, this is what our hotel offers you.

The Wellness Side of the Center represents a source of vitality and defines a new style of life. Relaxation, filling your body with full energy and caressing/spoiling both your body and soul, this is what GERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA**** offers you.

Made out of a solarium, a hairdresser, relaxing massage, aromatherapy, hydro massage swimming pool, a sauna and Oxygen bar, the Wellness Center of GERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA**** is dedicated to all those for whom the health of the body and soul is something that matters.

The late up-to-date Enraf Nonius devices, the impeccable service of the qualified, carefully selected personnel is what makes of GERMISARA Hotel Resort &SPA**** the place of the rebirth of your body.

The SPA Center of GERMISARA Hotel Resort &SPA**** is in itself an irresistible attraction through its oasis of health.
The curing qualities of the mineral-thermal waters are known and used ever since the Dacian Era.
After the colonization, the Romans fitted out/ prepared the thermae, finding a primitive way of exploiting these waters: collecting these sources by means of/ by making use of terracotta tubes. It was only at the beginning of the XX'th century were built the first watering resorts.
GERMISARA Hotel resort & SPA**** takes further this tradition. Through its vast wellness complex it wishes to give a new meaning to the concept of balneo-climatic treatment/cure.
The center offers varied facilities: packing with paraffin, mineral-thermal water pools, therapeutical swimming, health massage or for relaxation, kinetotherapy, hydrotherapy, group and individual inhalation consulting rooms - electrotherapy - high frequency therapy, magneto therapy, therapeutically laser treatment, ultrasounds, EKG, spirometry, muscular and articular consultations.

Therapeutical Indications: Rheumatic diseases, inflammatory, abarticular, post traumathical, gynecological degeneration; diseases of the peripherical nervous system, dermatological diseases, neurasthenia, professional diseases, renal diseases, endocrine diseases, nutrition diseases, metabolic diseases.

Counter indications: Acute feverish diseases, cardiac insufficiency, myocardic heart attack, epilepsy.

At GERMISARA Hotel Resort &SPA****, the comfort offers by an all inclusive hotel combines with the possibility of organizing meetings or reunions. Here, every meeting is a real success.

No matter if it is about a business meeting, a training course or a seminar, the three conference rooms: Decebal (with a maximum capacity of 100 places), Traian (with a maximum capacity of 50 places), Burebista (with a maximum capacity of 25 places) can house from small meetings to large scale meetings.
All the rooms are equipped with video spotlight, retro spotlight, protective screen, flipchart, its own sound system, air conditioning.

The conference packages/services offered by us can include at your choice: the renting of the room, of the professional equipment, personalized stationer's products, coffee breaks.

Any session, course or business meeting can become more "friendly" when it is accompanied by a coffee break in the lobby of the center .

We are waiting for you to convince yourself of the professionalism and dedication with which we treat every event.



tel: +40 725/541000, 0752/541111,






hdavaHOTEL DAVA: **** A new and modern location.

Accommodation in single rooms, double rooms and apartments as follows: 11 rooms - 22 places.


• Climate Bathroom with pressure showers, Internet access, Fridge; safecase, TV, Telephone, Restaurant, modern bar, private terrace: 50 seats Private parking, Conference Room, Massage, Sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness room.

Tel: +40 254-249-189, 0746-262-857

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htermal3HOTEL TERMAL:*** 

 Located at 36 km NE of the city of Deva, 18 km N Orastie and 8km from DN7 Geoagiu Bai resort.

Has 40 beds - 16 double rooms. Comfortable rooms, recently refurbished, modern design and atmosphere, materials and colors relaxing will make you feel warm and relaxed, the cleanliness of rooms the attention to details and the hotel staff takes care to ensure you a pleasant stay.

The rooms are equipped with televisions so that you can be constantly updated with the latest news or watch your favorite shows and through wireless internet access you can immediately communicate with partners. Thermal Hotel offers accommodation at a high level of comfort, privacy and tranquility, away from traffic noise, close to the Daco Roman Baths. Ideal for holidays with family, friends or business meetings, along with luxury.

The Restaurant with a capacity of 80 seats arranged, note distinction and good taste, elegant, offers a wide range of dishes from Romanian and international cuisine prepared by culinary masters in the art.

The Bar with a capacity of 40 seats offers a various alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, cocktails and more.

Hotel Thermal has a conference room with a capacity of 40 seats, equipped with its own sound system, laptop, air conditioning, projector and screen.

Hotel's Spa offers various services: medical and reflex massage, sauna.

tel: +4 0254-249220, +4 0254-249244.




halexandraHOTEL ALEXANDRA:***

Consisting of a hotel and two cottages, with a classification of three-star hotel, Alexandra Hotel is a good choice for those who decide to spend an unforgettable vacation in Geoagiu Bai.

The hotel has 30 double rooms and villas and 16 rooms with two beds or double bed. The rooms are equipped with new furniture, modern television, cable television and refrigerator.

Besides accommodation, Alexandra Hotel offers free for tourists enjoy: private parking, pool hall; table tennis.

The strength of the hotel are two swimming pools with thermal water, one for children and other for adults. Access to swimming pools allowed only for guests, giving privacy and a proper environment relaxation.

Upper terrace has 240 seats and is an elegant, distinguished, with a discreet orchestra. It can provide essential conditions for organized meals, coktails, seminars.

A special segment of customers are organized groups. Almost every week, conference room – up to 150 places - hosts representatives of firms who choose to spend here courses. Being equipped with the latest equipment, the room provides a suitable environment study and debate, also can host cocktail parties, seminars, trainings and courses.

tel/fax: +40 254 249059 , 0746 198349



haquedaciceHOTEL AQUAE DACICE ***

- 35 beds in double rooms

- Terrace: 100 seats

- Parking: 16 places

- the restaurant: 50 seats

- the conference hall: 50 seats

- treatment room, gym, sauna,

- Kitchen: Non - stop

tel: +40 254 249 216
Mobil 1: 0726 606 356
Mobil 2:
0726 606 354
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haida1HOTEL AIDA***

Villa has 90 accommodation rooms structured into two beds and double rooms equipped with television, bathroom, central heating, permanent hot water, dining halls, dark pool, fitness center.


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hceresHOTEL CERES **

Ceres Hotel has 245 beds of two star category.

Location: mioritic, a land of fairytale and legend, resort Geoagiu Bai has a temperate climate and the presence of forested hills with beech, oak and pine which favors maintaining air quality at a higher level and a higher concentration of ozone.

Spa natural cure factors: • mineral bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium mesothermal, hypotonic and weak radioactive used to cure both the internal and external cure; • trurba iodide-ferruginous mud, which is particularly effective in treating certain diseases rheumatic abarticulare; • bioclimate gentle, sparing.

Therapeutic indications: • degenerative rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal and lumbar arthrosis, polyarthrosis) • rheumatic abarticulare (tendinosis, tendomioze, tendoperiartroze, periarthritis) • posttraumatic disorders (posttraumatic joint stiffness, joint state after surgery, after fracture , sprains, dislocations) • peripheral neurological diseases (cervical, sequelae after polyneuropathies) • gynecological (minor disturbances of puberty and menopause) • associated diseases (endocrine, metabolic, nutritional, dermatological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, asthenic neurosis, occupational diseases).

Treatments available: • mineral water baths in tubs and swimming; • galvanic; • mud and paraffin; • underwater shower and partially full; • electrotherapy (diadinamici currents, ultrasound, short waves, currents TENS, interferential current, etc.) • solux; • laserterapie; • massage • aerosols.

tel:+40 254-249.044 / fax. +40-254-249.046,





hdianaHOTEL DIANA***

The hotel has 72 rooms, 2 rooms with one bed and four suites. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot water, fully renovated and equipped with new furniture and cable TV transmission.

Facilities: - Restaurant: 160 seats - Breakfast room: capacity 40 people – Terrace.

Free access in the hotel pool - Sauna - Terrace - Pool - Table Tennis


tel: +40 Tel: 0254 249 176




hsanadaVILA SANDA **

  • Accommodation capacity - 186 seats of two stars, of which: - villa - 126 seats, holiday cabins - 60 seasonal sites.
  • Catering - board - 100 seats
  • Modern treatment:
  • natural treatment factors: water temperature of 29-30 degrees mesothermal C iodide-ferruginous mud, bracing climate, invigorating, with small variations in temperature, the thermal baths in the pool and bath, hydro-physiotherapy, hydro-electrotherapy, thermotherapy and physiotherapy, herbal baths, mud and paraffin, massage and sauna, medical gymnastics, water fountains for internal cure mesothermal, swimming pools with thermal water cure active prophylaxis.
  • Therapeutic indications: degenerative rheumatic inflammatory disorders, gynecological disorders and peripheral nervous system, associated diseases: skin diseases, neurasthenia, occupational diseases, internal Cure: gastritis, ulcers, chronic hepatobiliary disease, colitis, kidney disease, endocrine nutritional and metabolic .


Tel: +40 254 249.111; 0254 249.175; 0744 503.289; 0744 633.216
Fax: 0254 249.111
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Whatever services requested: business services, restaurant services, events organizing or hotel services, PASCA Leisure Ltd would ensure quality and satisfaction.

PASCA Leisure Ltd - RESTAURANT means the guarantee of a high gastronomic and aesthetic qualities, impeccable, full flexibility in adapting the best of any budget.

Lists menu is rich, including the strength Transylvanian cuisine, famous for its variety and complexity of the menu. The pension wine always find all types of Romanian wines from famous vineyards, domestic and foreign beer, mineral water, carbonated or flat or carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages bearing the tradition of the world.

It has six rooms that can be arranged for one or two people (single / double). Room amenities include: bathroom with shower, air conditioning, minibar, TV HD, phone, Internet and Wireless LAN. All rooms have private balcony with views and, equipped with table and chairs.

Providing restaurant for different occasions: banquets, receptions, dinners, lunches and parties organized. Also for their organization will be providing you with specialized assistance in organizing all the events. Along with the waiters serving excellent guarantees and ensure a pleasant and comfortable evening.


tel/fax 0254 249 004
Tel. mobil 0742125505,
0733016943, 0756047957
0742125504, 0733016942
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DACO ROMAN BATHS offers by the three swimming pools, the possibility for fun and relaxation. Dimensions:

  • Small pool: L25/l15 m depth from 70 cm to 1.70m,
  • middle pool: L44.5 / l 19.5 m, depth from 1.50 to 3.20 m,
  • Olympic swimming pool: L50 / 25m, depth 1.90m,

The water from the swimming pools has a temperature of 29 g C.

Baths capacity is over 7,000 seats, and tourists enjoy the best conditions: terrace - 100 seats, pizzeria, restaurant - 100 seats, Club Tarabostes - 2000 seats (the best parties in the west country), office massage, medical, beach sand and full party every weekend.